Comedy Competition

Comedy Jameel Competition is organised by Community Jameel to discover a wide variety of talents, bring them into the public spotlight and provide further job opportunities. Talents that have distinguished themselves in different art and entertainment spheres are introduced to the audience via social media platforms, while invoking genuinely humorous responses and interactions.

The competition is held weekly on Community Jameel’s YouTube channel on Monday. The show is hosted by Turki Almohsen, the celebrated Saudi comedian. The show will include several forms of comedic entertainment and features audience participation through the selection and announcement of the winners in the competition.

Competition awards (Distributed weekly)

Winners receive the following awards:

First place

Second place

Third place

This is in addition to a monthly grand prize of 25,000 Saudi Riyals for the highest voted participant.

Monthly winner

Last Week Winners

1st Winner : Kanaan.waseem

2nd Winner : mahmoudemara5555

3rd Winner : Brownzone7

Last Week Winners

1st Winner : Thmer6363

2nd Winner : newkaneee

3rd Winner : mm6014784

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